Until now, "tailor-made" was rather the specialty of independent jewelers and big houses but was almost nonexistent online.

We offer you for certain models of jewelry present on our e-shop, to personalize your jewel through different elements.

We offer a selection of already personalized jewelry. Once the jewel has been selected, you can choose your type of stone and the color of the gold.
Thanks to our multi-criteria search engine, select exactly and without losing time the elements of the jewel you want.
Much space is given to stones and color.
The proposed fine stones make it possible to cover a wide range of colors by limiting prices. However, you also have the option of selecting precious stones or diamonds.
As you choose, you will see the jewel that you personalize appear before your eyes. The price will change according to your choices.

To find out more, contact our customer service by email contact@adefparis.com.