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From the Latin aqua marina, «seawater», is a mineral of the silicate group, subgroup cyclosilicates. It is a variety of beryl, transparent, glassy and colourless to light greenish blue, close to topaz. Due to its polychroism, it can appear from a very pale blue to blue-green (staining by ferrous and ferric irons), depending on the direction of observation. It does not show fluorescence when subjected to ultraviolet radiation.

A little history...

In ancient times, the aquamarine was prized for its ability to protect sailors from the wrath of Poseidon (the Greek god of the sea, called Neptune among the Romans), thus assuring them an uneventful journey. So many myths surround this fine stone that it is not surprising that our ancestors attributed to the aquamarine the power to bring calm, serenity, weighting and wisdom, even purifying virtues.


The main Aquamarine deposits are found in Brazil, Pakistan, Madagascar and Africa, but they are also found in France.

Aquamarine in astrology

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March.
It is linked mainly to the signs of the virgin and the scorpion.
It is also the perfect gift to celebrate your 23 years of marriage.

Aquamarine in lithoterapy

From time immemorial, the Aquamarine is considered one of the stones with the most powerful magical powers: it would bring joy, creativity and the virtue of releasing hidden emotions and bringing appeasement, insight and inner peace. In lithotherapy this mineral is used for its soothing energy properties.
It is also the symbol of loyalty between newlyweds, offering an engagement ring set by Aigue-Marine is thus a guarantee of happy marriage.
On the spiritual level, it is reputed to soothe anxieties, bring serenity and promote communication. It is often associated with artistic crafts.

Take care of your Aquamarine

Aquamarine can be subjected to normal cleaning as well as steam cleaning. But it is advisable to clean your jewellery and Aquamarine gem with a soft cloth to limit all the risk of abrasion of the stone. It is also necessary to avoid chemicals and different detergents that can alter the brilliance of the Aquamarine irreversibly.
Our selection of jewellery in Aigue-Marine

Our selection of jewellery in Aquamarine

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March : Aquamarine

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