The White Topaz

The topaz is particularly popular because of its variety of colors: it is found in white, yellow, orange, pink, blue green, purple, and even sometimes in multicolor.
The origins of the name of this beautiful crystal remain uncertain. Some authors attribute its origins to the Sanskrit word "tapaz" which means "fire". Others believe that the name "topaz" comes from the Greek island Topazios, today Zabargad.
Topaz is a Pleochroic stone, that is to say that it changes color depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

A little history...

The topaz is a stone known since Antiquity, its name comes from the Greek Topazos. It has been used for millennia as an amulet, a stone of power, and subsequently in jewelry. Pure topaz is transparent, it is the impurities present in its structure that colors it.


Topazes are mainly extracted in Brazil, but some specimens can also be found in Mozambique or Nigeria.

The White Topaz in astrology

Topaz is the birthstone for children in November and December.
It is associated with the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius.
It is traditionally offered for the 44th wedding anniversary.

The White Topaz in lithotherapy

White topaz is ideal for people who may have frequent headaches. It also helps with concentration and clears up ideas. It acts directly on the well-being of the person by dispelling its uncertainties and its doubts.

Take care of your White Topaz

Some Topazes may wither or return to their original color when exposed to too intense light radiation. Avoid as much as possible exposing your Topazes to too strong light sources.

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White Topaz

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