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The Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphire is one of the most purchased stones to be offered to women. A very elegant stone that will enchant all women when requesting an engagement. It is also a stone that is often offered as a wedding stone.
This sapphire has always been considered a pale ruby ​​which explains why its history is similar to that of ruby. In Asia, however, pink sapphire is associated with the sacred lotus flower. The sapphire evokes beauty, wisdom and purity.

A little history...

As with all the most famous gemstones, blue sapphire is mentioned in mythological and religious accounts. The Persians believed that the blue of the sky was due to the reflections of the sapphire, and one finds references to the sapphire even in the bible.


Pink sapphires come mainly from mines in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. For centuries Sri Lanka, nicknamed "Ratnadeepa", "The Island of Gems" by the Indians, has been a key producer of these famous pink gemstones. Ceylon sapphires are known for their beautiful purity and the small amount of their inclusions. This region produces around 15% of pink sapphires.

The Pink Sapphire in Astrology

The Sapphire is the astrological stone of the sign Taurus.
The sapphire nuptials correspond to the 16th wedding anniversary.

The Pink Sapphire in lithotherapy

Il renforcerait la vue, lutterait contre la fièvre et arrêterait les saignements de nez si on l’applique contre le front. Il aurait une action bénéfique sur les cheveux, la peau et les ongles, luttant contre la calvitie par exemple.

Take care of your Pink Sapphire

The sapphire can be cleaned normally, by ultrasound or via a steam cleaner. Like all stones, and especially those of value, you will have to clean your stone carefully. Although Sapphire is a hard stone, avoid chemicals and prefer a good old dry cloth.

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Pink Sapphire

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