The Sterling Silver 925 ‰

The Silver has a minimum content of 925 pure silver, to which are added other metals such as very often copper. Indeed without these other metals, silver in its pure form would be extremely soft, almost impossible to work.

The silver used in jewelry is very often covered with a thin layer of a rare metal, rhodium, which gives it a lighter shade and a more Brilliant appearance.

The + of Sterling Silver 925 ‰

It is one of the cheapest metals used in jewelry. It will allow you to treat yourself at low prices !
It easily marries with many stones.

The - of Sterling Silver 925 ‰

The Silver blackened over time does not mean that the jewelry is of poor quality. This reaction is specific to money. This can depend on your skin type (very pronounced skin acid which attacks the color of metals), or on its excessive use, as well as regular contact with water, chemicals .... No panic you you can give it back its shine very simply or entrust your jewelry to us for cleaning and rhodium plating.

The Silver is easily scratched. As it is a fairly flexible material, the impacts will be more visible on a  sterling silver
925 ‰ jewel. We will be able to remove or reduce them thanks to a re-polishing of the jewelry.

Take care of your Sterling Silver 925 ‰ jewelry

To slow down the darkening of your silver jewelry, you must absolutely avoid contact with water. This precaution can considerably lengthen the duration of the shine of your jewel.
To rehabilitate your silver jewel yourself, you just have to clean it with a silverware product, which you can easily obtain in the trade.
If you want to find your jewel as new without scratches and shiny, we can polish it and re-polish it.
For more information contact by email our customer service contact@adefparis.com.

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