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The Black Diamond

Carbonado (also called black diamond) is a natural diamond formation in polycrystalline aggregate of microscopic elements of two to forty micrometers in size, very porous, with a lustrous appearance on the surface and whose color varies from black to green or yellow.
Unlike other natural diamonds, carbonado does not contain mantle-derived inclusions and the value of its carbon isotope is very low.

A little history...

The Brazilians discovered them around 1840 and gave them the name of carbonados because of their charred appearance.


Black diamond, also called carbonado, is a diamond formation in polycrystalline aggregate.
They are mainly found in deposits in the Central African Republic and Brazil. They are found in recent alluvial deposits in the Central African Republic and Brazil.

The Black Diamond in Astrology

The black diamond is the birthstone of the children of April.
It is the astrological stone of the sign Cancer.
It is traditionally offered for the 10th and 60th wedding anniversary.

The Black Diamond in lithotherapy

The diamond is a particularly energetic stone which brings dynamism to the body and which stimulates the stones with which it comes into contact. It makes you happy and protects from bad waves! It represents the search for perfection, will, success, firmness and righteousness.

Take care of Black Diamond

Thorough cleaning with water and washing-up liquid, followed by rinsing with hot water, is generally enough to maintain your gem. If dirt has crept under the set stone, you can boil it in water with a drop of dish soap and a few more bleach. Diamonds are shock resistant: their hardness means that they are difficult to scratch, but they are not unbreakable.

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Black Diamond

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