You love your jewelry so you wear it every day. Normal wear of the jewel is done and despite all the attention that you can bring to it, certain shocks can be more or less visible and the color of the alloy can become tarnished.

Remember to remove your jewelry each time you wash your hands or body.
Remove your jewelry to sleep, garden, tinker ...
If you are not wearing your jewelry, put it back in its case or in small individual bags made of soft fabrics. Do not group them, they could collide with each other and be damaged.

If you want to restore shine to your jewelry either for stones or for the alloy, we can re-rhodium your jewelry and / or clean it.

Gold jewelry

Over time and the natural wear and tear of a piece of jewelry worn daily, gold in whatever color it tends to tarnish. For this there is no other solution than to send it back to us so that our workshops redo a rhodium plating.

Plated jewelry

The maintenance of jewelry in gold plated or rhodium silver is still the most delicate of all. These jewels are worn occasionally but not daily. Do not put them in the water, the tackle will eventually leave. If this were the case, we could always rhodiate it to you again but if from the start you adopt the right gestures you will be able to keep your jewel in good condition for a very long time. Natural wear of the jewelry is not a manufacturing defect, so any request for rhodium plating on a jewelry will be checked by our after-sales service and if it is due to misuse of the jewelry , an estimate will be issued to you for any repair.


The pearl is a natural and living material. They absolutely do not support contact with a chemical such as care cream, perfumes ... They also do not like heat. This would cause a dryness of the pearl and therefore a yellowing of its color or a cracking of its mother-of-pearl. A pearl must be worn regularly, it feeds on contact with our skin. Enclosed in a case the pearl will lose its radiance.

The stones

You only need about every 6 months if you wear your jewelry regularly to wash it with a little warm soapy water and to rub it with a soft bristle brush.

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