The Emerald

The emerald is a mineral, from the group of silicates, subgroup of cyclosilicates, variety of beryl, whose green color comes from traces of chromium, vanadium and sometimes iron. The emerald is, along with diamond, sapphire and ruby, one of the four precious stones. Most emeralds are treated with oils or resins, which is why it is not recommended to clean them with the ultrasound technique, especially also because of their fragility (inclusions or fractures).

Emeralds are very rare gems because their formation required very specific geological conditions, of several natures and at times very distant from each other. Thus, in the Carnaiba deposits (Brazil), a bubble of granitic magma rising from the depths came into contact with the more superficial rocks.

One of the most expensive gemstones is the emerald. The very frequent presence of inclusions, gracefully called "frost" or poetically "garden", is not a handicap, because it can attest to the origin of the stone.

A little history...

The Egyptians were already mining the emerald five thousand years ago, and their mines were later mined by Alexander the Great. It is said that Cleopatra was particularly fond of this stone, and that she gave emeralds engraved with her effigy.


Besides Brazil and Colombia, there are deposits in Madagascar, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania ...

The Emerald in astrology

The emerald is the birthstone of the native people of May.
It is associated with the sign of Cancer, Pisces and Taurus.
It is traditionally offered for the 40th wedding anniversary.

The Emerald in lithotherapy

The emerald would represent loyalty in friendly and romantic relationships and the happiness they bring. It would repel negative waves and bad influences. His contact would promote clairvoyance. It would increase wisdom and patience.

Take care of your Emerald

To keep its shine, the emerald can be regularly oiled with a special product. Better not to perform steam or ultrasonic cleaning, however, simple washing is possible. This gem is brittle, so avoid shocks.

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