A brooch inherited from our grandmother, a mismatched earring ... We all have jewelry that sleeps in our drawers. Why not give them a second life! To do this, simply send us by email the photos of your jewelry and your possible transformation ideas. We will submit them to our workshops which will help you carry them out if possible, otherwise they will offer you alternatives.

We suggest that you rework your jewelry and give it a second wind in a different form. An earring can become a pendant, a pendant can become a brooch…. Give free rein to your imagination and breathe a breath of freshness and renewal into your jewelry box!

For that send us an email to our customer service. Do not hesitate to send us a photo of the jewel in question so that we can analyze what we can do and suggest ideas to you.

As soon as your project is defined we will send it to our workshops. You will receive our quote within two weeks maximum, as well as a first sketch of your jewel.
Do you want to make some changes? No problem, we will take your suggestions into account as far as possible.
Once the project and the final estimate validated, we will order our craftsmen to create your jewelry.
A period of 3 months is necessary for the transformation of the jewel.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding and limit any abuse, we need a first deposit to finalize your order. This deposit implies a firm commitment from both parties. Consequently, the obligation to buy for the consumer and the obligation to supply the goods for the merchant. There is no possibility of withdrawal

For more information contact our customer service by email contact@adefparis.com