The  Red Garnet

The term “garnet” comes from the Latin “malum granatum”, grain fruit, which designated the pomegranate. Indeed, the grains of this gleaming color flee strongly recall these gems.
A garnet jewelry industry has existed since Roussillon in the Middle Ages, using local minerals. It boomed in the 19th century, then declined in the 20th century, but still exists today.

A little history...

The Vikings used them as funerary ornamentation, to guide the dead to Valhalla. The Crusaders adorn their armor because they are supposed to strengthen protection.


LThe different varieties of Garnet come from different regions of the world: India, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

The Red Garnet in astrology

The month of birth associated with garnet is January.
It is associated with the sign of Aquarius as well as with Capricorn.
We can offer this stone for the 2nd wedding anniversary.

The Red Garnet in lithotherapy

Garnet is a stone that symbolizes constancy. It allows you to find serenity and moderation in your gestures as in your words. Garnet protects from harm and danger. It relieves joint problems and has healing properties. It is particularly suited to women with great strength of character.

Take care of the Red Garnet

The different varieties of Garnet must be kept away from extreme temperatures, a thermal shock being able to cause damage to the gem.

Our selection of jewelry in Red Garnet

- Red Garnet rings
- Red Garnet necklaces
- Red Garnet bracelets
- Red Garnet earrings

Red Garnet

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