The Sky Blue Topaz

The Topaz is a very hard fine stone that can take on a wide range of colors naturally or through treatment, ranging from natural imperial topaz to mystical topaz, yellow topaz or even pink topaz.
Topaz is a Pleochroic stone, that is to say that it changes color depending on the angle from which it is viewed.
Naturally blue topazes are usually a pale, soft blue, while treated stones can have very intense blues. Some shades have names, the "Sky blue" have a soft shade close to that of Aquamarine, the "Swiss Blue" are bright blue color of summer sky; the "London blue" are blue-gray. The blue color of topaz is most often obtained by treatment.

A little history...

The topaz is a stone known since Antiquity, its name comes from the Greek Topazos. It has been used for millennia as an amulet, a stone of power, and subsequently in jewelry. Pure topaz is transparent, it is the impurities present in its structure that colors it.


In Colorado, pale blue topaz is harvested, particularly at Pikes Peak and El Paso. They are associated there with amazonites and phenacites. On the Jos Plateau in Nigeria, beautiful blue topazes are mined with others that are colorless. Pretty pale blue gems are from Zimbabwe, Somabule. In Western Australia, near Coolgardie, there are blue crystals of almost one kilo.

The Sky Blue Topaz in astrology

Topaz is the birthstone for children in November and December.
It is associated with the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius.
It is traditionally offered for the 44th wedding anniversary.

The Sky Blue Topaz in lithotherapy

The Sky Bkue topaz would be particularly beneficial to people exercising an intellectual or artistic activity. It would bring inspiration, clarity of mind and avoid rigidity and preconceived ideas. It would encourage the wearer to be faithful and honest, to be good and honest with others.

Take care of your Sky Blue Topaz

Some Topazes may wither or return to their original color when exposed to too intense light radiation. Avoid as much as possible exposing your Topazes to too strong light sources.

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Sky Blue Topaz

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Bracelet Shade

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Bracelet Shade in 375 ‰ white gold with Blue topaz
Annabelle de Figueiredo Collection 

With feminine designs, this collection aims to give a modern and romantic touch to classic styles, while keeping their essence.
Inspired by the beauty and delicacy of romanticism, this collection presents superb semi-precious stones of well-being such as pink amethyst, topaz or even quartz which will allow everyone to reconnect with nature.

Blue topaz is associated with the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius.
Blue topaz would be particularly beneficial to people exercising an intellectual or artistic activity.

Available in Amethyst.

Delivered in a beautiful box and certificate of guarantee and authenticity.

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