The Opal

The opal presents various sub-varieties, some of which are used in jewelry and classified as fine stones; these varieties are distinguished by their origin, the background color or its nature. Without color schemes it is classified "common", with color schemes it is classified "precious" or "noble". The “harlequin design” designates an extremely rare distribution of the colors of an opal, that of the suit with well-defined tiles, it is not a variety. A "harlequin" opal can be black, white, boulder, etc.

A little history...

Its history goes back beyond that of men and spans the whole of our planet. From the Sanskrit "Upala" meaning precious stone, Latin took the name Opalus, the Greek that of Opallios, and gave it the meaning "to see a change in color".
Exploited for 10,000 years in the Virgin Valley of North America, opal ornaments from Ethiopia were discovered in a cave in Kenya and dated to 4,000 years BC.


The main deposits are found in Australia and America (Mexico, United States, Canada).

The Opal in astrology

It is associated with several astrological signs: aquarius, gemini, fish, cancer, virgin ...
It is traditionally offered for the 21st wedding anniversary.

The Opal in lithotherapy

The water contained in the opal dissolves energy barriers linked to beliefs, fears of lack, and restores the free flow of energy. It contributes to the awakening of consciousness, helps to let go and to live in the present moment.

Take care of Opal

Opal is made up of roughly 6% water and it would be better, for these reasons, to avoid sudden temperature changes. You should also be careful not to dip your Opal in detergent or even water as this may make your Opal opaque and cause it to lose its opalescence. To store your jewelry when you are not wearing it, prefer a dry and protected from light storage place. We offer jewelry boxes that are perfectly suited to Opals.

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