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Amethyste rose

Amethyst Rose de France

The amethyst stone is part of the purple quartz family, that is to say, stones composed of silicon dioxide. This stone varies between diaphanous and translucent, between a purplish and purple hue, which is mainly due to the impurities of iron that can be found in its crystalline lens. The shades that can be found for this stone can range from purple to bluish to light violet. It is possible to find more purple tones depending on its extraction location. The same amethyst stone can offer and often offers different intensities of colors, presenting an alloy of blue, purple and pink. Up to 250°C, the color of this stone is perfectly intact. From 500°C, the color of this stone transforms to become light yellow.

A little history...

The amethyst comes from the Latin amethystus, it is known since ancient times, the Egyptians made jewels of it.
Pharaohs wore amethyst pendants. The amethyst is present on the ring of all the bishops, which is of the same color as their outfit: purple.
Hence its name "the stone of the bishops".
She was supposed to bring them clarity of mind.
Amethyst has also always been present in the jewels of the British royal crown.


Amethyst is found in many deposits around the world. The most beautiful come from Brazil and Uruguay. Today, this stone is also mined and exploited in African, South American, American, Russian and Australian countries.

Amethyst Rose de France in astrology

This stone is now associated with February 14, the festival of lovers.
Amethyst is the birthstone of children born in February.
It is the stone of the signs Virgin, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces.
It is traditionally offered for the 48th wedding anniversary.

Amethyst Rose de France in lithotherapy

Amethyst was originally used to clarify the mind and give its owner luck in business. Amethyst was once placed under children’s pillows to prevent them from having nightmares. It is associated with people of whole character and devoted to their loved ones. It helps to soothe nervousness and anger.

Take care of Amethyst Rose de France

Some varieties of amethyst may fade if exposed to excessive light. Avoid excessively exposing your amethyst to these conditions.

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Ametyst rose de France

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Necklace in 375 ‰ rose gold with rose quartz, rose de France amethyst and diamonds - Annabelle de Figueiredo Collection -

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Earrings in 375 ‰ rose gold with rose quartz, rose de France amethyst and diamonds - Annabelle de Figueiredo Collection -

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