The Ruby

The word ruby ​​comes from the Latin "ruber" red.
The rarity and beauty of the ruby, introduced to Europe by the Etruscans and the Greeks around 500 BC, has made it an extremely precious stone since Antiquity.
Ruby is the red version of a mineral called corundum, which also includes sapphire. The red, sometimes pinkish or brownish color of ruby ​​corundum is due to the presence of chromium.

A little history...

n the Middle Ages, the ruby ​​symbolized the blood of Christ and the kings wore it on their crown as a sign of their faith. It is said that a ruby ​​crossed the centuries from the Roman Emperor Augustus, of which he was the seal, to the kings of France ...


Rubies are extracted in mines, in Africa, in Asia, in Australia and in certain American states such as Montana and South Carolina. The main deposits are found in Burma (90% of world production), Mozambique and Sri Lanka, Madagascar.

The Ruby in astrology

Ruby is the birthstone for children in July.
It is associated with the sign of Leo.
It is traditionally offered for the 35th wedding anniversary.

The Ruby in lithotherapy

It is said to be used to help treat heart and circulatory problems.

Take care of your Ruby

The Ruby can be subjected to steam or ultrasonic cleaning. Rubies whose fractures, gaps and cracks have been filled are however sensitive to scratches and heat.

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July : The Ruby

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