The Sapphire

Sapphire is a precious stone. It is a gem variety of corundum which can have multiple colors, except the red color which then designates only the ruby. We owe Jacques Louis de Bournon for having shown that the sapphire (oriental gem) and the corundum (adamantine spar) are one.

A little history...

The word sapphire would come from the Hebrew sappir, which means "the most beautiful thing". This word has its roots in Sanskrit "sauriratna", passing through Chaldean, Greek and then Latin "sapphirus".
Sapphire has sometimes been confused with lapis lazuli. Some believe that the Tables of the Law received by Moses on Mount Sinai were made of sapphire, others of lapis lazuli. This last rock was sometimes called sapphire in Europe, until the 12th century.
The Egyptians associated sapphire with truth and justice.


They are found all over the world, such as in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar. The most important deposits, and those which contain the most beautiful stones are generally in Asia: the mines of Kashmir, in India, in Sri Lanka where the cornflower (cornflower color) is produced, in the mines of Mogok in Burma.

The Sapphire in astrology

Sapphire is the birthstone for September children.
It is associated with the sign of Libra.
It is traditionally offered for the 16th wedding anniversary.

The Sapphire in lithotherapy

The name "sapphire" comes from Latin and means "the most beautiful thing". There is an old belief that sapphire helps to predict the future. This stone has always been associated with peace, happiness, faith, truth, sincerity, wisdom and finally with commitment. Regarding the couple, the sapphire helps communication, understanding, intuition, inspiration and prayer. Sapphire is a promise of purity, honesty, trust and loyalty. The sapphire is solid and lasts over time. This stone also has purifying properties.

Take care of your Sapphire

The sapphire can be cleaned normally, by ultrasound or via a steam cleaner. Like all stones, and especially those of value, you will have to clean your stone carefully. Although Sapphire is a hard stone, avoid chemicals and prefer a good old dry cloth.

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