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The Citrine

Citrine is a lighter yellow stone or grey, although more golden yellow citrine is found to orange. These are usually not natural citrines but stones obtained by human intervention, an amethyst heated at high temperature becomes a citrine called burnt. The name citrine comes from the Greek citrus which means lemon as a reminder to its color, it is also called yellow hyaline quartz.

A little history...

The name of citrine comes from the Latin word «citrus», meaning «lemon» in French, with reference to its colour. This stone was already known in ancient Greece. The Romans used it to make cabochons and intaglios. The men of antiquity used it, for their part, as precious stones endowed with power.


Citrine is found mainly in Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique and Uruguay; Citrine multicolor and Amethyst in Bolivia. Lemon yellow citrine is also found in Zambia and Tanzania.

The Citrine in astrology

Citrine is a lucky stone for the natives of November.
Citrine promotes optimism and well-being for lions, sagittarians, fish and gemini.
It is traditionally offered for the 13th wedding anniversary.

The Citrine in lithotherapy

Thanks to its positive energies and warm color, citrine could soothe and tone the body and mind. It would help to find a certain inner serenity, to promote concentration, to stimulate intelligence and to stimulate good humour and creativity. It would also have the power to ward off negative influences, illness, nervousness, fatigue, anxiety and stress.

Take care of your Citrine

To keep all the brilliance of a citrine, it is better to avoid any contact with a too important source of heat. Citrine should be washed with water and dishwashing liquid, it is recommended to rinse it then with alcohol.

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November : The Citrine

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